Building is another characteristic that is natural to us.  If you place a box full of blocks in front of a group of toddlers, they will immediately begin to stack the blocks to form a tower.  We all desire to build something big, strong and special. 

I have been a builder all of my life.  Construction is really just organized chaos.  There are many components, people and resources all trying to finish their particular part in the process.  Leading a building effort can be a daunting task.  Here are some key components to a successful building project:

  • Planning-  Before you start do your homework.  Think through every step, every component, and every process before you start.  Visualize the process and what the final product will look like.  Write a plan on how the process will proceed.  Try to identify all of the risks and develop a plan to manage the risks. 
  • Build a Solid Foundation-  Start your project with a solid foundation.  Make sure that the process is well supported from the beginning.  A solid foundation is a wide foundation- plenty of resources, personnel, expertise, finances, and flexibility.
  • Manage the Process-  Prepare a schedule for all of the events required to complete the project and monitor the project daily by comparing progress with the schedule.  Also monitor the project for compliance with the budget and for the quality of the work. 
  • Problemsolving-  There will always be issues to solve no matter how smoothly the process goes.  Attack each issue as soon as you identify a problem.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking it will go away or fix itself.  If you are not sure what to do, seek advice from others.  Don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for help.      
  • Finish Strong–  The hardest part is finishing.  There are always loose ends and small things that will be tough to complete.  Make a list of everything that remains and aggressively attack these items.  Don’t let the completion timeline stretch out.  Do not provide final payments to anyone until you are satisfied and complete.

Building takes great planning and execution.  The best builders are flexible and innovative- if you encounter a barrier you find a way around it.  Whether you are building a house or a business it is similar in strategy.  Do your homework upfront, monitor and measure progress and make changes to your process to account for problems or poor performance. 

A completed project that was executed skillfully is a very rewarding experience.  Why don’t you start building today?

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