The Sound of Silence

Have you ever been somewhere really quiet?  I mean REALLY quiet!  The spot that comes to me is walking through the woods when it’s covered in snow.  No wind, cold, very quiet.  There’s something about the snow that seems to swallow the sound.  If the wind isn’t blowing and you are away from road noise- it is incredibly quiet.  I remember just sitting and trying to get my senses to adjust as it seems completely unnatural.  Like being in a soundproof booth with no walls.  What a great spot to really listen.

Sometimes I am listening to myself- often I can’t seem to turn it off.  Maybe just talking to myself.  I go through things that are coming up.  Problems, victories, goals, love.  Things can just flood my head.  Often the stillness gives me an opportunity to reflect.  But sometimes when I can manage to clear my head there is a voice that I know is not mine.  I recognize me- this is not me.  And often the voice is giving me reassurance, answers or encouragement.  I tell myself that it’s just my head- but I know that I would not and cannot come up with what I just heard.  

I miss the walks in the snow but I will deliberately seek this embrace with solitude this year.  Find a quiet spot and try it yourself.  So calming and cleansing.  Don’t feel selfish.  Seek to recharge yourself in the stillness of the snow!

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