The Trouble with Trust

Great post on the importance of trust in leadership.
Trust is the glue that holds a relationship together!

Lead Today

In my last post I started out writing about trust and it sort of morphed into something else. Let?s see if I can stay on track this time?

Trust! It?s vital to any positive relationship. While I suppose we can have some sort of relationship without trust it seems to me that it wouldn?t be a relationship that we would truly value.

The trouble with trust is that it is fragile. Very, very fragile.

If you?re actually going to lead people then trust is even more vital. I don?t know a leader, any type of leader, who would intentionally destroy the trust of their people and yet, destroy it they do!

Whether by accident, by mistake or by simple thoughtlessness, trust is damaged by leaders every day. Once the damage is done it can take years and tremendous effort to repair it.

So what are the ?accidental? destroyers of trust?…

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