Careful What You Wish For

Here is a post from a blog that I follow. Enjoy!


WishA woman was telling me recently how much she wished her husband would lead their family; she was so tired of being the ‘spiritual leader’ of their home but he was resistant, so she often took the reins. We talked about ways to give up the need to lead and give him time to take on this responsibility. When I asked her about it a few weeks later, she said that he was showing more of an interest in being the spiritual leader. But there was a problem. She was struggling with the change. She complained about the way that he prayed over the family, and didn’t agree with a decision that he made after they had discussed the problem. She was getting exactly what she thought she wanted, but now wasn’t happy with it.

Another friend said she wanted to be financially responsible, and had chided her husband for…

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