Crazy About You

A smile is priceless! Enjoy this post about connecting with the ones you love. Happy 4th of July!


crazyWhen we were dating, my guy’s grandmother lived with his family. The woman was well into her 90’s and had Alzheimer’s, often showing signs of confusion, but one thing was certain; she loved her grandson. He could walk into the room and Grandma would light up from eyes to feet, overjoyed to see him. If he sat down beside her, she would giggle like a teenager.  I saw something similar as a child with my own grandmother, who would cheer as our family drove into her driveway, ready to celebrate the simple fact that we had arrived.

This last school year, on most afternoons it was my job to pick up our youngest daughter at the end of her day. I would show up early and wait for her, scanning the students as they flooded out of the building. I watched for my girl because I like to see who…

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