Photo Friday: Color


Have you ever noticed when your driving really fast down the road how everything seems to turn to gray? The colors seem to wash together and the view changes to black and white film. And the faster we go- the more we see the gray.

I’m a noticer. I see things most folks miss. You’ve probably seen some of my posts with really great pictures. Yet, I just realized this week that you REALLY can’t see when the brick is on the pedal! You have to slow down to see things. You need to tune out the noise and distractions to really allow yourself to RELAX and SEE and ABSORB what is really going on around you.

This is a picture of Kathy in Utah. Kathy gets it. She helps me to slow down. I struggle with this sometimes. I like to go fast. I’m a doer.  I like to multi-task. I like keep moving. Kathy helps me slow down. She helps me to put on the brakes. She reorients me.  She help me to keep things in perspective.

Work is work. Life is life. God is God (reverse order?). Sometimes I can’t see things as well as I think I can. I go too fast. I miss the color.

How about you? Do you run hard? Are things a bit gray for you? Maybe it’s time to slow down so you can really SEE things as they are. Maybe your getting fooled. Maybe your driving too fast. Maybe YOU are missing the color!

Do you have someone who helps you put on the brakes?  Someone who helps you to refocus and see things as they really are?  Press “leave a comment” and tell me your story!

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