Eyes Wide Open

I took this picture Saturday morning: 



Yes, it is remarkable that an azalea is blooming this early- easily a month early.  But this is not the thing that makes this picture special. 

Yes, this particular azalea is brilliant in color and a beautiful flower.  But this is also not the reason I am sharing this picture.

This is the where the picture took place:

White House

The picture of the flower was taken in the front yard of a run down house in a really rough neighborhood.  The second picture is not nearly as special as the first, is it? 

Here is the message that I took from the experience:  There is beauty all around us.  Sometimes we just need to stop and look!  Amidst the chaos, despair, and decay that we encounter every day, there is still beauty.  We just need to open our eyes to see it!

It may be as simple as a smile.

It may be a mother with her child.

It may be the birds singing.

It may be the laughter of the children.

Take the time to stop and really look around you.  I bet you will be surprised.  We are bathed in beauty every day.  Don’t miss it!

Have you had these moments before- where you are confronted with beauty in unlikely places?  Please click on comments and share your story!

10 responses to “Eyes Wide Open”

  1. Just wondering why you said that our beautiful white house is “run down”. Just kidding, it was a great analogy and post. I didn’t even know that you had this website. I am excited to read more of your thoughts/insights, thanks for sharing Joe.


  2. I am so thankful for the “awareness” God has given me to see, hear, touch and smell! Life is full of beauty when we gain the awareness to look for the beauty in the midst of whatever we are doing! I tell you, when you catch a glimpse of that beauty, it is contagious and you want more and more! LOOK! It’s everywhere you go! Thanks, honey, for the beautiful article!


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