Your Fooling Yourself!


I am a noticer.  I notice the little things as I do life.  Small things of beauty as I walk.  Reactions from social interactions.  Ugly things that appear out of nowhere.  Attitudes and enthusiasm.




This is really a blessing and a curse.  I often think that it would be better to approach life like a child where everything is fresh and taken completely at face value.  But you can’t go back.  You can’t brush over what you see.

Through interacting with others, I can interpret what is really important to them.  I don’t need to ask them.  They will tell me through their actions.

There is a saying that says “talk is cheap.”  I have come to understand this saying.  I hear things and they don’t always align with the actions that I see.


I really care for my employees!  Then you see petty rules and reactions.

I love to spend time with my kids!  Then you see golf is really more important each Saturday.

I love my wife!  Then you see that the TV is more important when you come home from work.

I love my husband!  Then you see that the kids or time with the girlfriends is the focus.


We just plain fool ourselves!  We say that some things are important but what we DO is actually the key to your heart.  And when you really LOOK at what you are DOING you could be quite surprised.


Ok- the excuses.

I need to work to support my family…

I need some time away for rest and relaxation…

I need some time with my girlfriends…

I need to help them with their problems…

I need to have rules so we can have order…

I need, I need, I need….


You see the issue here.  It’s really what YOU want.  You may tell yourself that you are a great friend, mother, husband, manager, brother, sister… But talk is just talk.  You may be building an illusion in your mind.  Just telling someone how much you love your “fill in the blank” doesn’t mean anything.  In fact it is just building up your own ego.  The reality is that sometimes we are telling ourselves something so we can just check the box and feel secure.  We naturally gravitate to the areas in life that make us feel better about ourselves- where we get the most approval, comfort, power, accolades…

See- it’s just talk.  If you REALLY believe in it, you will do it!

Take an inventory of what you did last week.  Did you spend quality time with your kids?  Did you help your wife with housework or running the kids?  Did you take time to interact with your employees? If you think your sliding by and getting away with it you are most likely fooling yourself.  There are other noticers out there!  They are seeing what you are doing.  A picture of where your heart really is.  Maybe it’s time to make some changes?  Maybe it’s time for some heart surgery?

 So what do you think?  Do you see a difference in words and actions in the folks you interact with?  Click on “leave a comment” and tell me what you think!

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