Photo Friday: Beautiful World


We are surrounded by beauty.  The Creator’s hand is evident everywhere you look.  What could possibly create this kind of beauty and diversity?  If it was “survival of the fittest” we would have one aggressive flower, right?  He’s given us amazing beauty everywhere we look in abundance.

Are you looking?

Vacant House

I am a noticer.  I see things that many others miss.  The beauty hits me in the face everyday.  Even in the strangest places, like this vacant house.  The picture above is the yellow flower you see in the yard.  Same flower.  Your just have to look past the noise to see the beauty.

Slow down.  Notice.  Your will enjoy what you see!

5 responses to “Photo Friday: Beautiful World”

  1. Flowers are miraculous!! I love to think of the variety of flowers and how different they are including the amazing shades of color God painted them … it shows us how good and creative and infinite God is in everything He does. Birds can bring joy and awe to a day too!! We have many different kinds of birds that hang out in and around our “canal”. It is so cool to watch an Egret with a tiny white head and long orange beak sitting on top of that loooong skinny neck, walking ever so slowly in the water until he spies a minnow, then quicker than you can blink and with his neck straighter than an arrow, he’s down and back up with a minnow that he’s speared! What a funny bird! But, we also have this extremely large Osprey who sits in the top of a tree on the other side of the canal. He’s huge and he’s loud and when he sees something to eat in the water, faster than lightening, he swoops down to grab it and flies off holding his fish in his claws … his wing span is almost as wide as the canal … it’s beautiful! There are ducks, and geese, and sometimes seagulls. We watch humming birds and sparrows and blue jays … What an AMAZING GOD to come up with so many different species and so many different personalities!! How can people say that there is no God?! It’s sad!! Our eyes are meant to take in the beauty of creation and KNOW that there is a God!!


    • Bootsie:
      You definitely get it! We are just bathed in beauty. He give us a glimpse of heaven everyday! I seriously don’t know how folks can go through life and believe that all of this was created by chance. You are a noticer too! I think it’s a gift to be able to really see things. And you have it! Thanks for your insight and your support!


  2. Right there with you brother. Looking forward to seeing and hearing what you see in Rica!

    Bless and love you!


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