The Cliff

We have been going through some legal issues at work regarding a project that we built several years back.  The process of dealing with this has been very time consuming and stressful.  Watching the legal system in action has provided me with a better understanding of the close relationship between lawyers and insurance companies.  Unfortunately, what I have observed has not been flattering for either party, and I am still trying to sort out the dynamics of the relationships and connections.  I’ll leave this for a potential post later…


El Capitan- Wikipedia

So, during the process of legal maneuvering on this case and through a very strange and unusual turn of legal events, we reached a point that could have resulted in a real catastrophic event.  We felt like we were on the brink of disaster- ready to go over the cliff!  The events leading up to this point were crazy, but what happened next brought on the point of this post.  In the very darkest moment, when all parties could see the horror of where we were heading, they all got serious and settled the case.  Up to this point it was really just going through the motions- letting everything just run its natural course.  When it got to the point of becoming a nuclear event, then and only then, did we see real action.

This is not the first time I have seen this happen.  Why do we do this?  Why does it take something terrible and catastrophic before we properly address an issue that isn’t just going to go away?  Have you experienced something similar?  Do you have something that could look like the cliff if you fail to take it seriously?

It could be an addiction?

It could be your finances?

It could be an inappropriate relationship?

It could be your health?

All of these and many more situations have the potential to really blow up in your face.  Here are a few strategies that can help you can avoid the cliff:

  1. See things for what they are.  If you find yourself trying to manage a bad situation instead of seeking a final solution you are playing with fire.  And you will likely get burned.
  2. Keep your lights on high beam.  Look down the road and try to see where you are heading.  Consider the future consequences if you fail to deal with the situation now.
  3. Avoid rationalization.  If you find yourself making excuses for what is occurring, its likely there is something that you are trying to bury.
  4. Don’t isolate yourself- get help.  Seek out a friend that you trust who can give you advice and walk with you as you address your issue.  You may also want to seek counseling or engage a professional who is experienced in dealing with your problem.
  5. The longer you wait the harder it will be.  The deeper you progress in your problem the more difficult and complicated it becomes to get untangled and free.  Face your issue and deal with it.  The sooner the better.

Once you go over the cliff your life will be changed forever.  You will have to pay some serious consequences for your actions or inaction to deal with your problem.  Are you ready to face your situation?  Is there someone that you love that is heading towards the cliff?  Maybe this is your call to help them!

Why do we wait to be confronted with the cliff before we decide to take action?  Please click on Comment below and give me your take!